Hej och välkommen hit!

Jag heter Sara Woodrow och är designer, konstnär och illustratör. Gift med ”Englishman” och mamma till tre små apekatter. Här samlas min konst, arbeten, designsamarbeten, saker som inspirerar och det som ligger på hjärtat – i första hand min tro på Jesus. Honom tillhör äran i evigheternas evigheter.

För kontakt, skicka gärna ett mail på: sara[at]woodrow.se

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  1. Good Morning, my name’s Anna and I’m from Spain.
    I love all your designs but I’m obsessed with one of them particularly.
    I would like to know which is the typography you normally use, I love it!
    Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi Anna, thank you so much. I use my own handwriting quite a lot mixed with the lovely font Lovelo. Hope that helps you.

  2. Hello Sara, I admire all your works and illustrations. You inspired me to back to do some hand drawings, which I left some time ago.


  3. Good morning ,
    I love your work and I give my daughter an illustration done for you with your face .
    It is possible if you do get a picture , and what would be the price ??
    Thank you ,
    Silvia form Barcelona ( Spain )

    1. Good morning! Thank you so much. I’m not taking any orders unfortunatlly due to lack of time. Sorry about that. <3<3

  4. Hej Sara,

    Hade adressen sparade till din hemsida bland mina gamla bokmärken. Har du gått på Beckmans och under din tid där sålt prints på julmarknaden. För min absoluta favorittavla jag har hemma tror jag du har designat.

    Tack på förhand! Helena

    1. Hej, jag har gått på Beckmans kvällsskola men jag har inte sålt prints på julmarknaden. Min gamla hemsida är smam.blogg.se. :)

  5. Hittade hit igen efter säkert något år. Minns att ni var i New Orleans och nu äntligen planerar vi att åka dit. Men jag hittade inte de inläggen längre.

    1. Hej Cia! De ligger kvar på min gamla blogg smam.blogg.se. Borde vara runt november/december 2011. Kram på dig!

  6. Hi Sara!
    My name is Aranza & I’m a graphic designer from México. I have to admit I’m a SUPER fan of yours. I’ve been following your work for a while now & you’ve inspire me so much. I love the way all your photos look & I was wondering if you can share some of your tips for photo editing.
    Thank you so much!
    Love from México <3

  7. Dear Sara,
    I m working as a freelance lifestyle-Editor for different magazines here in Germany.
    For the LIVING AT HOME magazine we’d love to do a little portrait of you and your illustrations/ products.
    Is it possible, that you send us pictures of you, maybe of your worklplace, pillows, posters and your other designworks?

    It would be a pleasure for us to work with you,
    What do you think?
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    all the best from hamburg,

  8. I love your work and I am trying to buy a print. I live in England, what is the postage cost please? Thanks, Emily

    1. Hi! Thank you so much. Send me an e-mail with your address and I will send it to you manually <3 sara (@) woodrow.se postage is £1 for A4 and £3 for A3

  9. Dear Sara,

    I would like to see if you could make some colored drawings on glass for me. We are a non-profit Foundation organizing a polo event: Maharraja Ranjit Singh Polo Cup to promote global understanding. I would love to show case a young artist, and I like your work. The idea to present in your way, Maharaja Ranjit Singh on his horse, with the name of the event by Dhillon Marty Foundation and our logo. Please contact us urgently as our event is in August in France.

  10. Hej Sara!
    Halkade in på din sida för ett tag sedan. Och jag bara älskar den!! Har just gjort liknande julklappsetiketter som du gjorde förra året. Tack för inspirationen! Har aldrig gett bort så fina klappar som i år. Jag valde dock inte bara mörkblått ?. Tycker om allt du gör by the way.
    Kram Heid

  11. Hi Sara! My name is Tabitha and I live in the USA, in New Jersey. I would love to buy one of your portraits. Do you ship here? Or my mom has a place in France that you could ship to if not. My email is tabitha.walsh022010@hotmail.com please email me and let me know! Look forward to speaking with you!

  12. smami! absolutelly in love with your art…please, when u have a minute, send me an email, i want to contact you. please please ;-)
    And congratulations, you are really cute

    1. Hi Dii, I do :) but my shop is only in swedish. Please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you sara (@) woodrow.se

  13. hallo sara i would like to get some of ypur pictures. sending to zurich. please let me know the best way.

  14. heeej sara och tusen tack för de goda kakorna… va gulligt…
    helt underbar hemsida o blogg… massa kramar från grannarna,,,

  15. Hi Ms. Woodrow! My sister and I own a decoration store in Monterrey, Mexico named ”Estrelas Haute Living” and we sell some of the designs you make for Kosta Boda like Guardian Angel and All About You collection! We and our clients absolutely love them! We are so mesmerized by your talent. I just wanted to share this with you! It means the world to me to even have the opportunity to post this on your website and even more if you had the chance to read it!

    1. Hi! This made me so very happy :’) thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I pray God’s blessing over you, your family and your business! Love from Sweden!


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